Quality Overnight Child Care services

As the number of working parents and single parent families grow, finding a quality child care service, especially for overnights is vital.

In a Pinch is your go-to childcare service when you need quality childcare. We have registered caregivers who can accommodate your childcare requirements for just a few hours to overnights and extended spells.

In a Pinch overnight childcare

Our qualified caregivers will do exactly what you ask them to. Putting babies to bed is more difficult than handling a slightly older child. Babies have a sleeping pattern and are not comfortable when they are put to bed by strangers who are not their parents. Our caregivers have the qualities, techniques and years of experience that enable them to deal with such situation successfully. You can rest assured that your child, no matter what their age, will be taken cared for in your absence.

Why choose In a Pinch

In a Pinch was started by a mother who, like many parents in the US needed a quality child care. We understand the anxiety of parents leaving their child under the care of a stranger, especially overnight! We take extra care in making sure the caretaker you are assigned is fully qualified for the job. We have listed caregivers who have been prescreened, background checked, photographed and finger printed to ensure a safe overnight childcare experience.

Whether you need specialist child care service for a newborn baby, infant, toddler or grown child, our care givers are fully capable of providing you with a reliable service that will give you peace of mind. With experience in dealing every possible child care situation, we can match your requirements with the right child carer.

You can reach us at 973.989.0327 / 800.989.0327 and speak to our referral consultant.