Hotels / Special Events Childcare

Travelling with small children is always a challenge. Whether going on a vacation or a special event, having extra set of hands has great advantages. The need to enjoy any event and yet keep the children close by has led to more parents hiring caregivers. In a Pinch is a premier child care service in NJ providing customized childcare including assistance for hotels stays and special events.
Enjoy your family time or a little time alone while our qualified caregivers take care of your children. Our caregivers are there when you need to leave behind in the hotel. If you are attending special events, our caregivers can provide you flexibility and relaxation while you enjoy.

Why you need a childcare service while travelling

Although parents love spending time with their children while on vacation or travelling, sometimes they need time away from the kids. If you are a single parent and travelling with children for a business meeting, our caregivers can stay back in the hotel and take care of your little ones. You will have peace of mind and feel at ease knowing your kids are in the safe hands.

Caregivers you can trust

Not sure whether taking caregivers along is a good idea? Rest assured. We have registered caregivers who have been prescreened, interviewed, background checked and have extensive experience in hotel and special event childcare. Whether you children need just watching over or special care, you will be happy to know that our caregivers can accommodate any need.

Travelling with caregiver can be costly affair with booking a separate room for them and additional charges. In a Pinch provides a very affordable childcare service and have caregivers who are flexible and efficient in what they do. Every penny you spend will be worth it.

You can reach us at 973.989.0327 / 800.989.0327 and speak to our referral consultant.