backup childcare nj

Reliable Backup Childcare Service in NJ

For parents the ultimate nightmare is a caregiver who doesn’t show up! Such situations can ruin your schedule and create chaos.
In a Pinch has a registry of qualified and prescreened caregivers who can provide you with reliable backup childcare. Our backup childcare service has you covered for any emergency situation when you need a babysitter or caregiver in short time.
Emergency and urgent situations can arise anytime and can happen to anyone including your babysitter or caregiver. In case your babysitter isn’t available for some reason or the schools were closed and your child has to remain home, our expert caregivers can replace your caregiverfor the time being.

Backup childcare For Every situation

Childcare breakdownscome in lots of flavors:

  • You don’t have any fixed child care arrangements for now
  • Your child’s regular child care center is closed
  • Your child is mildly ill and need to can’t stay home
  • The school is closed and your child has to stay home
  • You need backup childcare so that you attend important engagements like meetings, academic responsibilities, traveling to attend conferences and more.

Backup Childcare you can rely on

In a Pinch is a reliable childcare service with registered caregivers who have been prescreened, interviewed, background checked and have an extensive experience in all kinds of childcare requirements. Our in-home childcare ensures you have the best in safe childcare experience.

Our prescreened, photographed and finger printed caregivers have personal qualities that make their caregiving easy and effortless. Whether you need babysitting services, sick childcare or special childcare, we will match your requirements with the right person.


When one of these situationsarises, you need a reliable and trustworthy childcare service for peace of mind.